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About Leo Reise

Leo G. Reise was born and raised in Ontario. He spent a short time in the Maritimes as well as in Calgary AB, before finally settling down in Hamilton, ON. He is a father and grandfather.

Professionally educated in Ontario, a graduate of McMaster University with a B.A in Economics and Applied Mathematics and supplemented by a number of related courses, Leo has been involved with almost all aspects of distribution industry including sales, credit, accounting and operations. It is this last field where he developed his expertise. Leo has worked for a number of distribution firms, first with a small firm limited to a few branches in southern Ontario, then to successively larger firms, eventually covering all Ontario with some fifty locations serving residential and mechanical trades, institutional and industrial businesses, both with MRO and / or primary materials.

Operational responsibilities covered all aspects including, managing, administration and operational functions: operating budgets in excess of $1 million, control of capital assets in excess of $5 million and inventories of $22 million comprising of some 20,000 sku's. Duties also included an extensive education and training component which covered purchasing, inventory control, transportation methods, warehouse layout and logistics, health and safety, financial management, and information system operations.

Activities included monitoring operation efficiencies, proposing and implementing changes to achieve best practices standards in all locations.

Throughout the years, Leo has always had an interest in water sports, and in particular boats. Although originally he built and ran an A-class hydroplane, he switched to racing sailboats in his early 20's and has been involved with sailboats ever since.

It was Leo's involvement with water sports that lead him to establish Talspar Inc. in 1987. Until the mid 1990's the primary activity was surveying boats for insurance, evaluation or purchasing purposes. Although business interests have expanded to include Business Services and Nursing Services, the Marine Services division makes up a respected part of the sales.

Marine services provided include surveys, minor repairs, assisting the owner in repairing their boat, overseeing repairs done by other, and assist in planning changes to the vessel.

Services also include providing insight into the racing rules of sailing where Leo has been an international judge for the past sixteen years. Leo jointly writes a monthly rules column as well and a quarterly newsletter broadcast to judges via e-mail in Canada, United States and several countries overseas.