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Business Services

Talspar Business Services supplies management and consulting services in the areas of logistics, operations, warehousing, transportation, purchasing, and inventory control. Services are supplied on a contract basis. Services include complete management of a facility, the analysis, recommendation, and installation of materials handling equipment, reviewing building layout and racking / shelving requirements, analysis of trucking costs and the writing of processes or procedures and working with staff to insure their implementation.

Examples of Work Completed

  • Management of 45,000 sq.ft. facility, $16.0 million sales, 45 staff
  • Management of 25,000 sq.ft. facility, $6.0 million sales, 16 staff
  • Instituted cost saving measures ranging from a simple revised filing systems to altering truck route systems involving five locations.
  • Increased usable floor and shelf space by 8000 sq. ft. at a cost of less than $5.00 per sq.ft.
  • Reduced receiving delay from 72 hours to less than 4 hours by implementing a streamlined receiving process.
  • Revised job descriptions, analyzed and implemented changes in the processes for several positions including receiver, pick / pack / ship operations, customer returns, and counter.
  • Main liaison between the principle and the owner/builder of a leased facility during an expansion doubling the size of the building while continuing to operate.
  • Introduced measures to cut absenteeism by 60%
  • Revising physical inventory instructions to ensure better control
  • Reviewed equipment requirements and selected the optimal material handling equipment particularly suited to an application and negotiated purchase terms
  • Forensic investigation of inventory variances.
  • Opened, moved or rearranged over 60 facilities while remaining in full operation

Payment Method

Payment method is detailed in the contract terms but normally is by cheque on presentation of invoice - Net 10 days.

We are based in Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA and can routinely provide services in the GTA, Niagara and South-Western areas of Ontario.

You may contact us at:

Phone: 905-383-3238
Fax: 905-383-0086

e-mail: leo.reise (at) talspar (dot) ca