Talspar Inc.
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Marine Services

Talspar Inc. is a small company incorporated in 1987. Originally the company was formed to perform surveys on fiberglass production boats for insurance and valuation purposes. Although the interests and activity has expanded, surveys and marine related activities remain an important segment of our business.


We have been associated with boats, from building an A-Class hydroplane in the 60's, racing class, one-design and IOR boats in the 70's and 80's, and sailing and looking after our own 'good old boat' for the last number of years.

We have been performing surveys since 1987. Surveys have been presented to almost all marine insurance companies and accepted.

Boats surveyed include both power and sail. Power boats have ranged in size from a small 14 foot ski-boat to a 48 foot trawler. Sailboats have ranged from a small sloop rigged 24 foot to a custom 46 foot double-masted heavy cruiser - more info.


Boats and repairs go together. We have been involved with repairing boats as long as we have been associated with them. They have been as minor as simply replacing nuts and bolts and re bedding fittings, to re-coring decks and replacing bulkheads.


We have assisted in the delivery of a number of sailboats over the years on the Great Lakes and well as cruised our own sailboat extensively in the same waters. Our travels on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario also include several trips through the Welland Canal and a trip up the New York - Albany / Troy - Oswego Canal System.

Sailing Official - Racing Rules of Sailing

We are an International Judge, first appointed in 1993, certified by ISAF, the International Sailing Federation. We are also closely tied to the Canadian Yachting Association. We currently chair the Judges Sub-Committee, the Rules Committee and sit as a member of the Appeals Committee.

We have given numerous seminars and attended events over the years across Canada and the United States as well as the Caribbean and South America.

We publish a quarterly newsletter to judges across Canada, Untied States and several overseas countries.

We also co-author, with Kathy Dyer, CAN-IJ, a monthly rules column published in a number of club newsletters as well as the magazine "Gam On Yachting".

These services are done mostly on a volunteer basis recovering only costs associated with attending the event or presenting the task

On a more commercial note, we have also developed and taught the Task 21 Course, Rules, Protest Hearing Preparation & Appeals, a course required by the CYA for a NCCP Level 4. Although this has been done in a group setting, it can be done via independent study on an individual basis

Arrangements have also been made to an individual or team support through e- mail for rule consultation while attending an event of significance importance to the sailor.

Payment Method

Payment terms and method are detailed on in the invoice but normally is by cash or cheque on presentation of our invoice or completed survey.

We are based out of Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA.
We can routinely provide services in the GTA, Niagara and South Western areas of Ontario.