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About Donna Lue Reise

Donna Lue Reise, born and raised in Alberta, married and moved to Ontario. She is a mother and grandmother.

Professionally educated in Ontario, Donna Lue has been providing nursing services to patients in a variety of settings. First in a hospital, then in family practice, followed by industrial nursing, private duty nursing, and a fifteen year term as a visiting nurse with the Victorian Order of Nurses, Donna Lue went into independent practice fifteen years ago.

In 1990, Donna Lue was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer. Shortly after entering into independent practice; she was diagnosed and treated for her first breast cancer. In the years to follows, she has been diagnosed and successfully treated for two more breast cancers, the last occurrence being in the summer of 2006.

Rather than allowing these "speed bumps" in life to deter her, Donna Lue has embraced the healing process and became part of it.

Professionally, to her established foot care practice, she added the treatment of lymphedema, a condition not uncommonly linked to the treatment of cancer. She now holds the designation: Certified Lymphedema Therapist, LANA.

Additionally, she joined Wellwood Resource Centre as a cancer support group member then facilitator. She became a member of its board of directors during its early years. She subsequently became active as, and still is, a peer mentor, assisting other people affected with cancer to live well with the disease.

Donna Lue also joined the Knot-A-Breast (KAB) Dragon Boat Team, a breast cancer survivor group that competes in dragon boat regattas against other teams, survivors or not. She joined KAB over ten years ago and still actively paddles with the team. Training or competing, she is active year-round in the gym and in season, on the water. The KAB is a wonderful support group, with over 70 active members.

As a result of friendships formed within the KAB, Donna Lue's latest challenge was participation in the Yukon Quest in 2009 in the women's voyager canoe division. The Yukon Quest is a 740 kilometer marathon race in which you are expected to finish within four days. The crew completed some 325 kilometers in 28 hours but two of the crew succumbed to the extreme cold and the crew had to withdraw at the half-way point.

This year, Donna Lue is preparing for the Breast Cancer Survivor's World Dragon Boat Championship to take place in June 2010.

For an objective view of Donna Lue's activity, Google " Donna Lue Reise"